Parking Garage Solutions

At PROGUARD Pacific, we can provide for our clients with a wide range of parking garage solutions. These solutions are represented in the ability to offer multiple product lines to accommodate a wide variety of budgets, durability requirements, functionality, aesthetic appeal, traffic flow management and safety standards.

From Design to Final Completion, PROGUARD Pacific is your ultimate Parking Garage Outfitter.


With building code requirements and property damage mitigation, it can be challenging to navigate the ins and outs of needed components to keep your parking garage in good standing and condition. We offer planning, budgeting and timeline management services to ensure your project remains on track and on budget.


No build, new or existing, is the same. We come alongside our clients to offer solutions on the types of componentry needed, the best style for the intended space and custom one-off products for unique site-specific scenarios. When needed, technical and engineering services are also offered.


Through innovation, technology, craftsmanship, and lean manufacturing processes, we can offer consistent, repetitive components, designed and manufactured by trained, skilled and certified welders and fabricators. Our manufacturing is completed domestically in Canada with production and processes which minimize environmental impact and promote business integrity.


We can provide our clients with a variety of finishes to meet whatever the environmental and architectural finish is needed. Whether that requires specific powder coating, galvanizing or color aesthetics, we can accommodate parking garage-specific needs to have your project function and look great, and remain durable for years to come.


Regardless of the order size, we come alongside our clients to offer logistics and paperwork services to ease the headaches of shipping and receiving products to site. Let us take care of the details.


Where onsite installation services are needed, our team of trained installation specialists will come in and ensure your parking garage project is seen through to completion, in a safe and professional manner.

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