FAQ’s on Parking Garage Components & Installations

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why choose PROGUARD PACIFIC over other large chain suppliers, retailers, or local miscellaneous metal fabricators?
    · The number one reason to choose PROGUARD PACIFIC products over our competitors is our extensive experience in the construction metalworking industry. Over many years, we have been part of the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and inspection process of many projects. This experience has led us to create a full line of finished parking garage products so that valued customers don’t need to source a steel vendor, installer, or painter at the end of a construction or renovation project to complete the required parking garage protection.
    · Large chain retailers may have similar products for sale but upon further inspection of their products and specifications, you will notice that material thickness, quality standards, overall value, and ease of installation are secondary to maximum profitability.
    · The purpose of Protective Guards, Pipe Protectors, Bollards, Machine Guards, Height Restriction Tubes, and Pedestrian Traffic Control is to prevent and protect people and property from damage, loss of use, downtime, and preventable accidents/incidents.
  2. How do I choose which style or series of the product will best suit my building’s needs?
    a. While you browse our online product catalogue, you will discover numerous product models and series options – from entry-level models to customizable pieces, which will make this choice easy for you. Simply browse the product line and determine what is best for your project as it relates to durability and need. Explore the various parts of our website to find handy tools such as the order form.
  3. What is the best way to layout locations of products in my parking garage during the ordering process?
    · It is not uncommon to lose track of where your item locations are from the point of ordering to point of product delivery and installation. The best practice is to number the physical locations with a piece of tape and a sharpie or use numbered stickers (these can be purchased separately from amazon or a local craft store – we like these from Luter) to ease in finding the proper location at the time of install. The location numbers can then be filled into the printable ordering form on the website while performing layout so that when the product arrives you can go from location to location matching up the product and location listed on your ordering form with the physical numbered location in your parking garage.
  4. How do I measure a site location for the proper fitment of a product around the item that needs protection?
    · Please note that most dimensions of our products are based on “inside dimensions” as these are usually the critical measurements when it comes to the item that requires protection.
    · All measurements, layout, left and right-hand versions, offsets, and corner orientations are taken from the perspective of standing directly in front of the item requiring protection while facing it.
    · All measurements of our products start with width, depth, and height where applicable (W x D x H). If an offset or left-hand/right-hand orientation is required for a custom application that would then need to be indicated in the notes section of the order form.
    · The height of most items is already predetermined by the product series and is available for review on our website.
  5. How much space do you recommend around items to be protected for proper fitment?
    · For proper fitment, it is recommended there be a minimum of 1″ of clearance around the item requiring protection. Please note: Any water shut-off valves, wall brackets, faucets, pipe brackets, electrical plugs, or any other miscellaneous item may require additional clearance to facilitate installation or proper operation.
  6. What if I don’t see any products to suit my needs or site-specific application?
    · We are continually manufacturing, creating new products, and solving customer problems. If you don’t see something which will work for your application, please feel free to contact us directly as we may have a solution in mind that is not shown online. Our staff and local manufacturing facility are ready to welcome and take on any project.
  7. What finish is used to protect your items from rust and corrosion?
    · All our products are finished with an exterior grade semi-gloss safety yellow powder-coated finish for maximum visibility, safety, and durability. Other anti-corrosion and rust finish options are available upon special order.
  8. Are the items available in other colours besides safety yellow?
    · Yes, all our products are available in a wide array of colours to suit location-specific colour schemes, branding and design of your location/application. Please keep in mind that additional pre-planning and lead time will be required to manufacture your specific order to suit. In some circumstances, there may be an additional fee for the colour change depending on the quantity and colour chosen.
  9. Is powder coating the only type of finish available?
    · No, powder coating is not the only finishing option. We are also able to accommodate priming, galvanizing, and bare steel finish depending on the application and environment that the components will be installed.
    · The advantages of the different finishes are:
    – Powder coating: The advantage of powder coating is that it is available in a wide array of colours with a long-lasting durable finish.
    – Priming: The advantage to priming is that the product will arrive ready to paint whatever colour schemes and design your location requires.
    – Galvanizing: – The advantage to galvanizing is that it will provide a very corrosion-resistant gray finish that will stand up in a wide variety of environments for a very long time.
    – Bare Steel: The advantage of a bare steel finish (or lack thereof) is the ability to modify a particular item on-site during installation if required.
    The item could then be primed and painted by the customer once complete.
  10. How long does it take to install, and can I install the items myself?
    · Installation times vary from one product to the next based on design however as installers ourselves we have manufactured all our products to be as quick and easy to install as possible with minimum amounts of tools. Anyone with basic construction experience, knowledge of tools, and an understanding of safe work practices can easily install our products.
  11. Can I pick up my order from your location?
    · All items can be picked up from our location in person if preferred, with loading assistance from our staff, if needed. We are also able to load customer couriers.
  12. How long does it generally take to receive my order?
    · We try to keep the most popular inventory on the shelf and ready to ship at all times however depending on the specifications/preferences or customization of the order lead times may be required.
  13. Will you ship the item to me? How does it work?
    · We are able to facilitate shipping for our customers, with logistical dialogue whether through phone or email. A good plan will make shipping and delivery successful as an order of items can become quite heavy.
  14. Are the products manufactured responsibly, safely, and ethically?
    · PROGUARD PACIFIC is a firm believer in safety and employee worth. We have won multiple safety awards and are an active member of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC. All our staff are valued, trained, and treated fairly regardless of race and social standing. We employ lean manufacturing processes to reduce waste, repurpose, and recycle whenever possible to minimize our impact on the environment.
  15. Are PROGUARD PACIFIC products warrantied?
    · We believe in the quality of our products and therefore always warrant against manufacturers’ defects. However, due to the intended nature of the product and that its intended use to absorb impact while protecting your asset, we do not warrant wear and tear or any damage that may be incurred on our products or any incidental, consequential, or special damages to the end user facility or property by outside forces or the individuals that have installed them. If more information is required on our terms and conditions, a liability waiver is available upon request.