About Proguard Pacific Parking Garage Outfitters


The purpose of Protective Guards, Pipe Protectors, Bollards, Machine Guards, Height Restriction Tubes, and Pedestrian Traffic Control is to prevent and protect people and property from damage, loss of use, downtime, and preventable accidents/incidents.

At PROGUARD Pacific we accomplish this through design, innovation, high-quality materials, certified welders and staff, engineering, and customer feedback. We believe in a quality product that is manufactured domestically with properly sized materials that are intended to sustain the wear and tear that these items will inevitably be required to withstand due to the nature of their purpose.

We understand that there are a large number of online packaging supply warehouses that supply similar items from overseas manufacturers where material thickness, quality standards, employee worth, and low skill labour have been used to reduce cost for maximum profitability.

However, at PROGUARD Pacific we feel that if you weigh the pros and cons of property damage, loss of use, downtime, preventable accidents/incidents, ease of use and installation, and above all else personal safety and employee worth we believe you will see the overall added value of our products versus our large online competitors.

Give us a try to see the benefit, value and savings our products will bring to you!